Networking the final week

Its Thursday! tomorrow is the marking of our Server – today is just tidying up the server getting the printer online and just doing some general house keeping! going over GPO and just learning more about server 2012. Advertisements

WEBSITE CONTENT – Colour – Content – Text

Well its getting closer and closer to the end and after this its all about SEO – I have all images in no more place holders and the text is now in as well so no more place holder text as well – this has been a really fun assessment and I have also learn’t…

Networking 10/11/2016

Another week down and another networking session – we spend a good part of the day setting up remote desktop – and getting the drop box to work, and trying to get Ubuntu to connect, and the my documents – Stewart managed to get the my documents up and running and I was playing around…

Network Assessment #1

The first part of the final Network assessment started on Friday, Ryan, Stewart and myself installed server 2012 fine – no problems and everything was up and running, we also got a little peer to peer network up and running, more to come next week.

Setting up individual pages & working NAV #3 – #4

Second week the home page is almost done, I have put the first three images in and spent close to two hours trying to get my justify center and other commands to work, and it finally happened just one more photo that I want to move down just a little bit so its more pleasing…

DES Assessment #3 Final Blog Post

Here it is!!! Des Assessment #3 was a long but exciting, stressful, yet amazing experience that let me use different skills, and I found some that I didn’t know I had! so here is how everything came together. We had multiple meeting in A305 – this room was amazing as it had two projectors and…

Des Assessment #3 Blog Post #4

“I invite everyone to chose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition.”  Jean-Francois Cope